peacock glitter ballet flats

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peacock glitter ballet flats

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peacock glitter ballet flats

Pittsburg’s video comes as a response to a challenge from the Brentwood Police Department, which completed its own piece last month. The video features some of Pittsburg’s police captains and police officers dancing to Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo” in uniform, along with non-sworn staff members and family members. Aerial views around the city are also shown in the video, such as shots of Pittsburg High School and the Pittsburg Marina. “It was an opportunity for us to show a different side of our officers and reach out to our community in a positive way,” Pittsburg Police Capt. Ron Raman said. “We’re all human as well.” The video was filmed and edited free of charge by Pittsburg resident Devin Dobson, the founder of Pittsburg-based video production company Framed Famous Productions.

For tickets, visit or by calling peacock glitter ballet flats 925-943-7469, Main Stage finale slated at Town Hall Theatre, The final show of Town Hall Theatre’s Main Stage season is Woody Allen’s “Play It Again, Sam.”, Performances are scheduled June 4-25, with previews June 2-3, at the theater, 3535 School St, in Lafayette, The show, directed by Soren Oliver, follows Allen Felix, whose wife leaves him, as he seeks advice from Humphrey Bogart — the coolest guy he knows..

The menu offers all sorts of ways to bring the heat, from the Firehouse Chili ($3.89), with jalapeno for extra kick, to the Sweet ‘N’ Spicy add-on for the Firehouse Meatball sub ($6.79), which, as promised, added an extra burst of sweetness and flame to the already-zesty marinara and flavorful meatballs. If you really want to dance with danger, head over to their hot sauce bar and sprinkle on some Tabasco, Sriracha or the really hot stuff. The Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar Brisket ($7.19) had tender, delicious beef that was juicy without being fatty. Despite some typically messy sandwich types, Firehouse’s soft, house-made sandwich rolls held together well, preventing even this notoriously untidy diner from making a five-alarm disaster zone of his shirt.

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Medical director Dr. Edward Littlejohn said the dramatic difference in numbers, which now puts the center ahead of national averages, come from a department overhaul that standardized protocols for the 13 doctors on staff. “I felt like we could do things better, and we wanted to improve the patient experience,” he said about the overhaul, adding that the percentages “are about as low as you can go when you take all ages in.”. He said 21st-century technology allows surgeons to give someone a new hip or knee within a day. The joints are most often replaced with a metal part, usually titanium or stainless steel, which has polyethylene plastic bearings.